Cerdelga® (eliglustat) Monitoring Tests, Plasma

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What is Cerdelga (eliglustat)?

  • Cerdelga (eliglustat) is an FDA approved medication for certain adults with Gaucher disease type 1.
  • Physicians are encouraged to consult Genzyme Medical Information for test interpretation (see "Contact Genzyme" box)

Test Information

Testing methodology LC-MS/MS
Performed Varies
Reported Within 7 days
New York DOH Approval Pending
Interpretive Data Contact Genzyme at medinfo@genzyme.com or by phone:

For US: (800) 745-4447 (option 2) or 617-768-9000 (option 2).

For international (Canada, Europe, Latin America, Japan, Asia Pacific): http://www.genzyme.com/contact-us.aspx and from the dropdown menu, select the Medical Information group in your region (US & Canada, Europe, Latin America, Japan, or Asia-Pacific).

Results should be considered in conjunction with the patient’s clinical history and clinical presentation.
CPT Code(s) Not applicable
Test Request Submit appropriately completed test request.

Reimbursement Information

No CPT codes are attached to this testing. The patient, their insurance company, or submitting facility should not be billed for the performance of the testing.