ARUP Global—Experts and Research

Medical Consultation

A multi-national team of medical directors who hold faculty appointments at the University of Utah School of Medicine is available for consultation and result interpretation.
  • Tests are carefully selected for medical utility and quality by medical directors.
  • Many medical directors are involved in daily management of patients at the University of Utah hospitals.
  • ARUP has a diverse workforce and many of our employees and medical directors are fluent in more than one language.
  • Medical directors train medical students, residents, fellows, and graduate students in broad areas of pathology disciplines at ARUP.

Multimedia Educational Services

Through, ARUP offers open access to a variety of educational and scientific resources, including:
  • Video lectures by ARUP medical directors and guest speakers
  • How-to-videos for laboratory technologists
  • Case reports (surgical and anatomic pathology)
  • Clinically curated mutation databases

Research and Development

The ARUP Institute for Clinical and Experimental Pathology® drives the development of new and improved tests, as well as clinical research.
Research and Development