Prolonged Clot Time Reflex Panel

This reflexive panel was designed to evaluate prolonged clotting times (PT and/or PTT), particularly in pre-surgical or other settings where there is not strong clinical or other laboratory evidence suggesting a specific coagulation disorder. A completed patient history form submitted with the test order will allow for optimal panel interpretation and correlation with the clinical setting.

  • Use to evaluate prolonged clotting times such as prothrombin time (PT) and/or partial thromboplastin time (PTT) when cause is unknown
  • Most useful for the workup of patients with unexpected prolonged clotting times
  • Condition-specific testing is preferred when the patient has a known coagulation disorder or a clear bleeding presentation
Test Code Test Name Collection Requirements
2014318 Prolonged Clot Time Reflex Panel
  • At least five (5) Light Blue (Sodium Citrate) tubes. Refer to Specimen Handling at for hemostasis/thrombosis specimen handling guidelines.
  • Transfer five 1 mL aliquots of platelet-poor plasma to five ARUP Standard Transport Tubes, label as sodium citrate. (Min: 1 mL/aliquot and 5 mL total)
  • CRITICAL FROZEN. Separate specimens must be submitted when additional test codes are ordered.
  • Transport: Frozen: at -20°C: 3 months; Frozen at -70°C: 6 months

Test Highlights

  • Greater standardization and cost-effectiveness in the assessment of prolonged clotting times
  • More timely diagnosis, avoiding multiple rounds of testing
  • Expert interpretation by medical directors in the lab performing the testing

Results Interpretation

  • Reflexive test selection and panel interpretation by ARUP Hemostasis/Thrombosis medical directors
  • Customized panel interpretation includes the clinical significance of any abnormalities identified and recommendations for follow-up testing, if indicated.
  • Reference intervals will be provided for each test performed, including age-stratified reference intervals, when appropriate

Additional Information