Paraffin Tissue and Extracted Nucleic Acid Transport Kit

Please note that we now offer 2 kits for use when transporting Pathology Consult samples, Paraffin Tissue and Extracted Nucleic Acid samples to ARUP for testing. Clients are encouraged to order some of each kit and use whichever one fits their individual needs. These Styrofoam containers make the transporting and tracking of non-traditional, irreplaceable specimens easier and reduces the risks of specimens being lost in transit.

New Item

#53462 Kit, CONSULT (SINGLE PATIENT) Tissue Transport Kit
This larger kit will accommodate materials for pathology consultations. Clients can include up to five 5-slide mailers (20 slides total) and multiple blocks.

Updated Item

#47808 Paraffin Tissue and Extracted Nucleic Acid Transport Kit (SINGLE PATIENT)
This smaller kit will accommodate up to two 5-slide mailers (10 slides total) two paraffin tissue blocks, and two micro-containers for holding tissue scrolls/shaves or extracted nucleic acid aliquots.

Both items are available to order online through eSupply. Note: Plastic containers seen in pictures above are not included with the kit and are shown for demonstration purposes only.

Please refer inquiries regarding this notice to ARUP Client Services at (800) 522-2787.