ARUP Laboratories: A National Reference Laboratory

ARUP Laboratories is a national clinical and anatomic pathology reference laboratory and a worldwide leader in innovative laboratory research and development. A nonprofit enterprise of the University of Utah, ARUP offers an extensive test menu of highly complex and unique medical tests.

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New ARUP Connect Order Change Request Feature

Order Change Request allows you to submit a request to Client Services to add and cancel tests. The application offers you a new tool designed to improve the efficiency, accuracy, and simplicity of adding and canceling tests via a secure Internet connection.

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Tailoring Chemo Drugs to Fit Your Body

How do you know if the drug your doctor prescribed is working? It might not be. A blossoming area of precision medicine, particularly for cancer, is therapeutic drug monitoring (TDM), where laboratory tests can show if and how a person is metabolizing a drug. Part of pharmacogenetics testing, TDM delves into a person’s DNA to determine one aspect of a drug’s likelihood for efficacy.

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Non-Opioid Pain Management: Searching for Natural Compounds to Replace Opioids (Q&A)

To develop non-opioid pain relievers, the Department of Defense awarded University of Utah Health $10 million over four years. We talked here with one of the awardees, who published a study earlier this year about snail venom’s applications for pain management.

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Watch Rookies Learn from the Pros: Genetic Counseling Students at ARUP

The world needs more genetic counselors, and ARUP genetic counselors are doing something about it. They are working with the University of Utah’s Graduate Program in Genetic Counseling to provide three weeks of immersion into the role of a genetic counselor at a large, clinical laboratory.

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eSupply Enhancements

ARUP Laboratories is excited to announce the enhancement of our online client supply ordering platform, eSupply, accessible via ARUP Connect™. Enhancements will include two business-day shipping for most items!

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Q&A with Technologist II and Training Specialist Tory Meyer, Molecular and Infectious Disease Laboratory

Do early skills lead to performing tests more adeptly, and being able to train others for them? Training specialist and technologist Torrance (Tory) Meyer talks about that in our blog.

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U.S. Olympians Avoided Zika, Contracted West Nile Virus

In a University of Utah study with testing led by Dr. Marc Couturier, PhD, ARUP medical director, 457 Olympians were screened for mosquito-borne viruses after returning from Brazil in 2016—with a surprise result.

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Journey of a Specimen: The Complete 6-Part Video Series

The six intriguing episodes in our video series, “Journey of a Specimen,” are now available all together. You can hear from Christopher Sorenson on Transportation, David Rogers on Specimen Receiving, Clint Wilcox on Automation, Martha Bale about Inside the Lab, Erica Cuttitta about Biocomputing, and Julio Delgado on medical directors.

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Join Us For the 31st Annual Park City Anatomic Pathology Update!

This five-day course consists of lectures and case-oriented discussions led by distinguished faculty from the University of Utah and renowned guest presenters. Subspecialty topics featured in this year's annual update include gastrointestinal, hepatic and pancreaticobiliary pathology.

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New Video Lectures Available for Free CME, SAM, PACE & FL CLS

Harmonization: Why You Should Care! by Greg Miller, PhD, DABCC, and Sudden Cardiac Death Prevention with Molecular Diagnostic by Rong Mao, MD, FACMG.

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