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The Infectious Disease laboratories at ARUP offer testing for a wide range of infectious agents that significantly impact patient care and provide expertise in antimicrobial resistance; rapid organism identification by mass spectrometry; molecular methods for identification, quantification, and genotyping; and classic culture and stain techniques.

Medical directors, board certified in their areas of expertise, are available to answer questions regarding test results and consult with clients on difficult to diagnose cases.

The Infectious Disease processing team provides information on comprehensive testing capabilities and specimen-collection options, and offers guidance on available testing alternatives for difficult to collect and irreplaceable specimens.

For test inquiries or to arrange a consultation, please contact ARUP Client Services at (800) 522-2787.

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ARUP Laboratories Deploys World’s First AI-Augmented Ova and Parasite Assay

A collaboration between ARUP Laboratories and Techcyte has resulted in an artificial intelligence (AI)-augmented detection tool that is transforming the diagnostic capabilities in ARUP’s Parasitology and Fecal Testing Lab. For laboratorians, digitally enabling the workflow decreases the physical demands of their job, including eye fatigue and neuromuscular tension.
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